How do you tear your shoulder labrum?

Answer Symptoms Symptoms of a labral tear depend on where the tear is located, but may include: An aching sensation in the shoulder joint Catching of the shoulder with movement Pain w... Read More »

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Shoulder surgery for labrum tear. what should i expect?

Hi, I'm sorry about your shoulder! I'm currently dealing with a shoulder injury too (multi-directional instability and shoulder subluxation), and it stinks! Ha anyway, I haven't had shoulder surger... Read More »

If you have a torn shoulder labrum will there be pain in the bicep?

No, the shoulder labrum injury shouldnt cause any pain in the bicep...though it can lead to a generalised pain in the upper arm, due to common nerve supply.

What is a rotator cuff tear in a shoulder?

Rotary cuff tears can occur from a sudden injury such as a fall or may be a gradual condition that develops slowly and progressively worsens over time. Rotary cuff injuries can sometimes occur with... Read More »

Ever since I practiced guitar yesterday my shoulder and the part of my arms between my shoulder and elbow have?

Hello There: Guitar ok i played back in the 1960's i had a spanish flat top. You hurt because you were most likely tense. While playing it happens sometimes i know. Get a hot bath and put some Ep... Read More »