How do you teach your toddler to walk?

Answer HeyyI found a good way is to get them to grip a finger on each hand and pull them up, so their feet are on the ground and in a virtual standing position with their arms up. And basically just start... Read More »

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How to Teach a Toddler to Walk?

A toddler will learn how to walk when the time comes. The preparation for walking starts early in life when he starts developing his muscle strength and coordination. Teach child to be confident by... Read More »

How to Teach Your Toddler to Play an Instrument?

Creating and performing music inspires children's creativity and helps them build motor skills and coordination. While it is not realistic to expect a toddler to play incredibly difficult piano son... Read More »

How did you teach your toddler/baby to use a spoon?

We started giving our kids spoons at around 12 months and they were all using them correctly by 14-16 months but, unfortunately you just have to let them be messy for a little bit.If she's playing ... Read More »

How to Teach Your Baby to Walk?

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