How do you teach your pre-kers their ABC's?

Answer Letter of the Week is a good way to teach the alphabet. For example, start with "Letter A." Show the children a picture of the letter A, emphasizing the short vowel sounds. Next, read a book that e... Read More »

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What are some methods to teach 3 yr old active boys their ABCs?

Well you can teach ABC through a lot of fun ways as some others have listed above. But in my opinion it is not necessary to teach ABC at all. It will come automatically to all children at the right... Read More »

What are the best techniques to teach children how to recognize their ABCs, write and spell?

Why Teach the ABCs in Kindergarten?

ABC instruction formally begins in kindergarten. Students need to know the names of all 26 letters as well as be able to associate each letter with its sound and shape. Children should be proficien... Read More »

How do I Teach ABCs Online?

Teaching the alphabet to children or new English speakers online is easier now to do than ever. With online tools available to the public, you can share your knowledge of the alphabet with people f... Read More »