How do you tap the spork in the impossible test?

Answer From the word spork, remove - rk, and it will say spoon. Then tap the bottom of the fork that is shaped like a spoon.

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How do you pass the question tap the spork on the impossible test app?

All i could figure out was that we can move the rk from the question to reveal Spoon but dont know anything after that if you move the "rk" at the end of spork, tap the word "spoon" and then touch ... Read More »

What are the Impossible Test Summer app answers?

These are the answers to the impossible test summer: 1. Tap the snowflake (it says isn't)2. Tap anywhere3. tap the ball the given amount of times then tap done4. tap the second flip flop5. to make ... Read More »

How do you beat the impossible test Christmas?

Okay, So I finished the game. Here are the answers: 1. Just shake your device. 2. Move the word "off" on too the tree. 3. When the present is at the respective places at the snowball, press the ... Read More »

What are the answers to the Impossible Test for the iPhone?

These are the answers to "The Impossible Test" which is an app for the iPhone and iPod (touch screen). This is not "The Impossible Quiz, an internet game. --- Touch the red circleTap the angry fac... Read More »