How do you tap the spork in the impossible test?

Answer From the word spork, remove - rk, and it will say spoon. Then tap the bottom of the fork that is shaped like a spoon.

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How do you pass the question tap the spork on the impossible test app?

All i could figure out was that we can move the rk from the question to reveal Spoon but dont know anything after that if you move the "rk" at the end of spork, tap the word "spoon" and then touch ... Read More »

The Impossible Test app by PixelCube Studios?

All Answers:1. red light2. hit enemy 5 times3. touch the ninja stars that are floating around including the one that says touch 5 "ninja star" (picture)4. the blue box with N5. top right cloud6. wa... Read More »

How do you beat the impossible test Christmas?

Okay, So I finished the game. Here are the answers: 1. Just shake your device. 2. Move the word "off" on too the tree. 3. When the present is at the respective places at the snowball, press the ... Read More »

How do you defend the attack in the impossible test?

Tap the word, "DEFEND", and a gray bar appears, slide it up to block the sword.