How do you tap the ship in level 20 of smurfs ipad2 game?

Answer Hold down the Home button and then press the Power button. You will see the screen flash and hear the camera shutter sound. The picture will be stored in your Photos app in your Camera Roll set.

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How do you place the bridge in the Smurfs game on the iphone No matter what I try I can't place it?

No it will not. But the redisgned Verizon version should be out in a couple of weeks. I get one speck candy shell fit my Verizon iPhone 4 last week ,maybe you go to Read More »

How to Beat the Drop Ship Level in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2?

OK so you buy this game, you play it, than after a few minutes you get to this level where you have to use a battle bynip's battle mortars to shoot a group of flying ships and annoying zapping robo... Read More »

Why train drivers don't get the same level of respect from people as pilots or ship captains?

Good question.But, let's look at the playbook,..I know several engineers who are pilots. I know no pilots who are engineers.Pilots have an awesome responsibility... on the ground. Runway incursions... Read More »

How do you reset your game in DragonVale on ipad2?