How do you talk to your mom about boys?

Answer If you like a boy, or anything else, just ask questions and get straight to the point! Trust her, and ask anything you need to know. If you would prefer, tell her when your alone- she will keep it ... Read More »

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How to Talk to Emo Boys?

Been admiring an Emo Guy from afar and want to finally talk to him? Talking to an Emo guy is different from talking to an ordinary guy, as you've probably noticed. So if you're having some trouble ... Read More »

At what age is it "ok" for your daughter to talk about boys, or wants one?

It's normal for her to like boys. Girls usually start liking boys before boys start liking girls. I think I was 5 when I had my first "boyfriend." He didn't realize he was my boyfriend though, in f... Read More »

How to Talk to Boys at School?

Talking to boys is simpler than it sounds. In fact boys are everywhere; in class, in the hall, at the mall, you name it. It's just a matter of making yourself available and having the courage to ta... Read More »

How to Talk Sexy Around Boys?

Do you ever feel like you talk funny around boys and want to talk sexy around your crush or that special someone, then here is the guide to do so.