How do you talk on the microphone for my psp3?

Answer how do you talk with the microphone using the psp3 games?

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What is the best SE microphone for a talk show?

What is your budget?? The classic radio studio mic is a Shure SM-7b:…Pretty much any condenser mic will work ok too: Read More »

Do I need a microphone to talk to others on my computer?

If you want them to hear you, you do;) Web cam see... mic hear. There that was easy.

What is the software called where you talk into a microphone on your pc and it types the words out for you?

Voice Recognition Software.Dragon naturally speaking is a good VRS package.

Can headphones be used a microphone when plugged into the microphone jack on a computer?

Yes! You can use any set of headphones as a microphone. Follow the link to see how.