How do you talk like a baby?

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Is it better to baby talk to your new baby, or talk to them as if they were an older child?

When I think of "baby talk" I usually think of something like "Mommy wuvs her widdle baby." I find that kind of talk extremely annoying and I don't see how mispronouncing words would help a baby. ... Read More »

My baby died and nobody willl let me talk about her, its like she never existed. pls help?

Im soo sorry for your loss,I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through!I think some people dont know what to say and obviously dont want to upset you, Tell your family and friends that ... Read More »

Why people talk baby talk to the elderly?

Those who talk baby talk to the elderly are under the misconception that elderly equals stupid or dim witted. The truth though, is elderly people can be just as quick witted and have a sharp mind, ... Read More »

How do you talk with your brother if he doesn't like to talk to you?