How do you talk in cs 1.6 with headphone to other team?

Answer you cant

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Can you put an around ear headphone over an in ear headphone with out the magnetic properties of the two killing the other or any other damage to the headphones?

In my research I have found that Hearos HiFi's are re-labeled ER-20's.

Straight Women: Which lady would you like to get jiggy with if you were to turn and bat for the other team?

Sue Perkins. I have a crush on Sue Perkins, she's plays for that team too so you never know I may get lucky one day.

Your desktop monitor has in-built speakers When you put in the headphone sound comes from both the headphone and the speakers How do you stop the sound from the speakers with headphone jack attached?

Answer headphones and speakers work Mine will do this if the headphone jack is not completely seated in the plug. Just give a little push and see if it goes on in any further, you may feel or hear ... Read More »

Why do talk show hosts seem to look the other way when dealing with abusers and send the abuser home with the victim when the reality is that she faces serious repercussions for her candid statements?

Answer The public heard her confessions and she has everyone's sympathy for the abuse. Do you think the abuser will go back to his old ways when people will now be watching him closer? It is possi... Read More »