How do you take your ribs?

Answer very with ah-so sauce.chinese style.

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How to Cook BBQ Ribs?

This wiki is about how to cook ribs on a barbecue. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds. The hardest part is waiting for the ribs to cook. These steps will usually apply to any recipe that ... Read More »

How to cook ribs////?

I usually cook ribs in the oven for an hour at 350 degrees, then finish them on my grill with barbecue sauce. Bear in mind, however, that's for a standard rack of ribs. If you do boneless ribs, y... Read More »

How to Grill Ribs?

Ribs recipes vary widely. Some call for hickory chips to smoke the meat while others require a special dry rub. Whatever your recipe calls for, a few basic grilling techniques can help you get the ... Read More »

Is it bad when your ribs show?

Not in that case. When you bend, you're stretching that skin, so it moves inward. If they don't show naturally, and / or your BMI is healthy, you're good.