How do you take your potatos for breakfast?

Answer Yum! Hashbrowns. Crispy on the outside, tender inside. Or have you ever had a chessy hashbrown casserole? Ok, now I'm hungry!

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Simple Breakfast poll. Which from this is list do you like getting your Breakfast from?

A) Sugar free Vanilla Ice Coffee (only)B) Zip!C) OmeletsD) Shari's E) French Toast or Omelets in the home kitchen!!!!!Night, Night!

What's your favorite Hot Breakfast Your favorite Cold Breakfast?

I have oatmeal / toast with smooth peanut butter and orange juice ab every morning.....A DREAM HOT BREAKFAST WOULD BE AS FOLLOWS:Sausage gravy over a hot biscuit An egg omelet with cheese onions ja... Read More »

Mashed Potatos vs. White Rice?

If the potatoes are real (not instant) they are probably better. Brown rice is better for you.

Is this a good/healthy breakfast to take on the go?

not reallyfruit is really good but gelatin is good for a snack in-between meals but for breakfast you should eat things with more protein, vitamins and fiber. granola bars are a good source of thos... Read More »