How do you take the phone case off the iphone 4?

Answer It depends. Both of them can download and use over 200,000 applications and access data over a WiFi network, but the iPhone can also access data over a 3G network (AT&T or Verizon), meaning you can... Read More »

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How can I take off an iPhone case?

Try using something thin and unbendable and insert the object between the two shells and try to split them apart. Or if you can find a button or somthing like that and press or move it in one direc... Read More »

How do you take a case off the iPhone 3G?

How do you take off a ballistic case for the iPhone 4S?

You get given a little needle thing when you but it and you put the tip of the needle in the sim card slot and push hard, then it springs out and you can take out your micro sim

How to take off Otter Box case for iPhone?

It's really hard-- it took me some time to figure out how to do it. Once you get the silicone skin off, you'll see two tabs on either side of the case in the middle-- they have a tiny circular pit ... Read More »