How do you take starting sound off from a huawei merto phone?

Answer It can if it is unlocked.

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My Huawei Ascend phone from cricket is so slow?

there is a few ways you can approach this situation first is . if you have insurance on your phone you can call assurion which is the insurance company for metro and i believe it the same but eith... Read More »

How to remove battery cover from Huawei phone?

You have to press your thumb really hard in the center of the back of the phone then the corners will come up. Don't try to pry the corners because it will just leave marks.

How to Upload Pictures From Your Metro Huawei Phone?

MetroPCS offers prepaid mobile phone service across the United States on a number of devices including the Huawei phone. You can transfer pictures through Bluetooth connectivity on the Huawei devic... Read More »

How to reset and android huawei phone?

yes and no,i dont know i woz bored so rote thiz answerthnx 4 redin tho