How do you take sim card out of sidekick?

Answer same time every year most likely in september

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What size memory card does a sidekick take?

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Can i use a cingular sim card in a sidekick?

your answer is gonna b no.. now if u did get your sidekick unlocked then put your sim card in there.. then yes.. BUT.. you could only use text and calling ppl... no internet none of that stuff.. ma... Read More »

Does the danger sidekick 3 use a sim card?

The Danger Sidekick 3 uses a SIM card. The Sidekick 3 operates on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE platform. All GSM mobile telephones use SIM cards. In the United States, the Sidekick 3 is sold exclusively throu... Read More »

Does an unlocked sidekick id work with an at&t sim card?

An unlocked Sidekick ID will work with an AT&T sim card. The Sidekick is a dual band GSM-compatible cellular telephone that operates at either 850 or 1,900 Megahertz. AT&T's cellular phone service ... Read More »