How do you take sennheiser head phones apart?

Answer My understanding is that when you plug your headphones into the computer and try to play a song on iTunes, the sound does not work. The first fix to try is to make sure the headphones actually con... Read More »

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What colours do sennheiser head phones come in?

mobile phone is more harmful bcoz the waves that comes from it can cause heart diseases,memory loss,sleep disorders etc.

Why are head-phones called head-phones when they are not exactly head PHONES?

well if you talking about the phone parts it because they look like phones and you put them in a ipod or a computer so then it like talks to ya :) i have 1000 head phones

How to Take Apart a Stihl Weed Whacker Head?

Stihl makes a wide variety of weed whackers. Many Stihl trimmers come with different cutting heads to accommodate different types of trimming needs. Just like any other string trimmer, it is necess... Read More »

How to Take Apart a Bogen 3047 Tripod Head?

All the partsIf you try to incorrectly take apart your Bogen tripod head you could ruin it. Follow these steps to do so correctly.