How do you take pulse on newborn?

Answer Femoral pulse at the groin can be easily felt.

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How to Take a Pulse in the Feet?

The heart pumps blood through the body, causing arteries to contract and expand. In certain areas of your body, such as your neck and the inside of your wrist, arteries are close to the skin's surf... Read More »

How do you take someone's pulse?

You count your heartbeats during 1 minute, normally by feeling on the side of your neck.You take someone's pulse by putting a finger to the neck artery (carotid) or the wrist (side closest to thumb... Read More »

Can you take a pulse from the jugular?

The jugular is a vein, so no.The pulse you can feel in the neck is the carotid artery.

How to Take Your Own Pulse With a Stethoscope?

It's a fact of life: some people's pulses are just more difficult to take by palpation (pressure on an artery with the fingers) than others. If you have been advised by your physician to monitor yo... Read More »