How do you take pictures?

Answer You press a button on the top of the camera. then you look at the picture.

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Who is a person called when they take pictures with a special machine to take pictures of bones?

I sometimes take pictures holding the camera side-ways. How do you get pictures to auto-rotate with the Nikon s4100?

The best advice is to take it to a reputable camera repair shop. It may be a small problem such as sand or dust sticking the lens, but then if you try to fix it yourself you could break the camera ... Read More »

Can you take pictures of pictures?

I have used a digital camera to do this. That way I can take as many pictures as I want until it turns out looking good. I have done this with old pictures or pics that you can't take in or scan. I... Read More »

How to Take Pictures of Kids?

So, you are reading this article on how to take pictures of kids. I hope these steps and tips will help you. This is my first ever article so please forgive me if I have done it a bit differently t... Read More »