How do you take out battery in iphone?

Answer You can't. If you need to replace the battery for any reason, take it into the Apple store.

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If I remove battery from iphone 4 is it possible to use the iphone again when i put the battery back in?

You can't take a battery out of an iphone in the sense of normal phones like nokias and such (open back up and take it out)But if you do find a way and don't damage anything and connect all correct... Read More »

Is a 1G iPhone replacement battery compatible with a 3G iPhone?

It most likely is compatible, but there is a highly detailed process in removing the battery from iPhones, which involves removing the entire back panel on the 3G, and the lower black back panel on... Read More »

Where is the battery on iPhone?

the battery percentage is only on iphone 4

Where is iPhone battery?

It is underneath the back panel. Only an Apple tech can get to it. They have to use a special tool to get to it. If you try to get to it your warranty could be null in void for messing with it.