How do you take middle bits out of a video via Windows Movie Maker?

Answer If you click to where you would like to split it at and press s, this will split it at one end, then click to where you would like the cut out part to finish and press s, the middle bit should now ... Read More »

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How do you crop the middle of a video out using Windows Movie Maker?

I think you are trying to split the video clip and remove the section that you do not want..To do that, click your mouse on the story board time line where you want to split the clip and then go to... Read More »

How can i take audio off a video on windows movie maker?

Hi KK bye,The easiest way to do this is to import your video to the workspace. Then, you take the video and drag it to the Audio/Music line instead of the video line. You can take audio off of vide... Read More »

How to cut a video for free on a PC Or import a long video in the old Windows Movie Maker?

Since you did not tell us the source or the file type of the 48 minute video, it is challenging to make any specific recommendation... but step 1 is to get that 48 minute video into a format that y... Read More »

How do i put a video in another video with windows movie maker?

There might be download somewhere that might allow you to do that. I use - and using the Picture in Picture effect either of these programs offer, I could do that, ... Read More »