How do you take long-exposure pictures with a digital camera?

Answer Some compact camera have a night scene mode that may give fairly long exposures. They generally do not offer exposures as long as the DSLR's. The small sensors tend to get noisier than larger sen... Read More »

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What is the difference between an SLR digital camera and a compact digital with manual exposure control?

Answer Principle difference is "through-the-lens" framing and focus. Naturally you can control depth of field, light levels, focus, etc with both units, but with the SLR you see these changes befor... Read More »

Can i take a timed exposure photo with this digital camera?

Per the specifications found at dpreview your camera has a minimum shutter speed of 15 seconds. This information, of course, is in your Owner's Manual - which you seriously need to READ & STUDY.You... Read More »

How to Get the Perfect Exposure Using Your SLR Digital Photography Camera's Histogram?

The most important tool in digital photography besides the camera - the histogram! Learning to expose photos properly can be a headache for new photographers. If you are relatively new, you are pro... Read More »

How important is it for your digital camera to have manual exposure settings?

Answer A camera with manual aperture and shutter speed settings allow for greater creative flexibility in your photography, as you can photograph in various light settings and create aperture and s... Read More »