How do you take good care of your younger sister?

Answer I have two younger sisters myself and a little brother. Sense im the oldest i have to babysit constantly!! :-( i think i am a good babysitter and im reasonable. But my sisters just choose not to li... Read More »

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How to Get Along With Your Younger Sister if You Are the Older Sister?

You are at this page because clearly you are having the sibling trouble. So if your younger sister is about 5-12 years old, this should work. Read along....

How to Take Care of Your Older Sister After She Got Dumped?

Are you always blanking out on what to do after your older sister got her heart broken? Do you always feel like anything you say makes the situation worse? Then read this guide on how to handle you... Read More »

How do you deal with a sister-in-law who does not take care of your brother?

Your brother and sister-in-law need to deal with their own problems in their marriage and it is no ones business but between the two of them. Your brother has to learn to stand up to his wife and d... Read More »

Can you adopt your 12 year old friend as a sister because her family is treating her bad and shes afraid of them and you can take care of her?