How do you take care of succulent plants?

Answer keep your plant under hot sun or shade, because that is where they grow. Water them well for the 1st week or so. Well that's all i relle know about it, sorry if it doesnt help you much

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How to Take Care of Succulent House Plants?

Succulent house plants are wonderful plants for those not born with a green thumb. Due to their minimal needs, they are difficult to kill and thrive in virtually any environment. Succulents come in... Read More »

List of Succulent Plants?

Succulents are also known as fat plants because they retain water in their leaves and stems. This also gives the plants a stiffness and durability that cannot be easily damaged. There are hundreds ... Read More »

Are succulent plants poisonous?

Several succulent plants are poisonous, but many are not. Poisonous succulents include the century plant (agave americana), which has a 15-to-40-foot flower stalk, and the candelabras cactus (eupho... Read More »

Guide to Succulent Plants?

Succulents are a type of vascular plant, including well-known cacti, which have an exceptional ability to retain water. This adapts them to desert climates or drought conditions exceptionally well.... Read More »