How do you take care of an ingrown toenail?

Answer Ingrown toenails are very bad and once infected they could cause gangreen, especially in diabetics.In the early stages of an ingrown toenail, soak your foot in warm water containing antibacterial s... Read More »

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Care after ingrown toenail removal?

Doctor might have cleaned your wound before applying the bandage. Do not do anything on it.

Care of an Ingrown Toenail After Removal?

An ingrown toenail can be painful, and when it does not resolve on its own, a podiatrist may have to perform ingrown toenail removal surgery. After the surgery, you may have some questions about ho... Read More »

Will the ER take my ingrown toenail out for me?

Usually they will just clean it up, put some meds on it and wrap it up, send you home with some crutches and send you to a podiatrist. How do I know? My Husband has had them before and got referred... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Chipped Toenail?

There is nothing more annoying than chipping or smudging your polish after a pricey pedicure. Without the benefit of the nail salon's nearly equally pricey professional polish in your bathroom cupb... Read More »