How do you take care of a hoya plant?

Answer Hoya carnosa, also known as wax plant, is a houseplant valued for its long, trailing vines and clusters of pinkish-white, waxy flowers. The plant may take several years to produce its first flowers... Read More »

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Hoya Plant Diseases?

Hoya plant, also called wax plant, mostly grows indoors in the United States as it cannot withstand temperatures less than 40 degrees F. Its woody vine produces 2-to-4-inch leaves and clusters of f... Read More »

How to Plant Hoya Cuttings?

Hoya (Hoya carnosa) is appropriately nicknamed wax plant because of the plant's thick, waxy, dark green leaves. With proper care and adequate sunlight, hoya will quickly wrap itself around a trelli... Read More »

Hoya Plant Varieties?

Hoyas belong to a large family of tropical plants native to South Asia, East Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Island region. There are more than 150 varieties of hoya, most of which are epiphytic c... Read More »

Hoya Plant Climbing Structures?

Hoya plants such as the wax plant are twining root climbers that can grow to 15 feet tall. Twining root climber means that the plant will weave itself around the support structure and grasp onto it... Read More »