How do you take care of a basil plant?

Answer Water it and make sure it gets lots of sun. Cheers

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Why does Basil plant have blackish brown spots that take up almost the whole leaf?

My Basil plant is all green. Maybe yours has a disease. Look around at other peoples if they have the same maybe its mine that's sick.

How do you take care of plant?

mainly i think we can take care of plants by giving love to it and talking to it when we can because it is also a living being and that's all i know about this question

How do I take care of a hibiscus plant?

PlantKeep your hibiscus in full sun, and keep it outside as long as temperatures are over 50 degrees F. Keep it potted in a light, quick-draining soil that will both support it and keep it moist. B... Read More »

How do you take care of an oregano plant?

Oregano Plant is one of the plants that easy to take care of, by taking care of Oregano Plant, you should water it twice regularly (Morning & Late afternoon). Always exposed in moderate Sunlight an... Read More »