How do you take candle wax off a wall?

Answer Try Goo-Gone that stuff works miracles hopefully it works. You can get it at walmart or any autopart store

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How do you get candle wax off a wall?

How can I get candle wax off of the wall in my bathroom?

The easiest, fast, and great way to do it is freezing it. Then it just comes out like nothing was ever there without ruining anything at all.-Go to a hardware store and buy a spray can of the solut... Read More »

How do I hang candle wall sconces?

Hold a candle sconce to the wall, and adjust it until you're happy with the placement. Mark the location of the top of the sconce--or the top of the hanging plate, if your sconce has one--with a pe... Read More »

What is the best way to get the glue off the wall after you take the wall paper off?

Assuming it is regular adhesive from the back side of the wallpaper, I have found no better product than DIF...(buy the concentrate, it's a whole lot cheaper than the ready to use spray) and mix it... Read More »