How do you take away visitation rights?

Answer Only by a court order. The court must be provided with compelling evidence the visits are not in the best interest of the child.

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How to Take Visitation Rights to the Court?

Two parents cannot always agree on child-visitation rights, in which case a family court will mediate. Mediation with a neutral third party often resolves the visitation differences and no further ... Read More »

If a man signed an affidavit claiming a child as his at birth can the biological father take a DNA test that would take the alleged father's rights away and give the biological father full rights?

Too many questions still unanswered to provide you with an answer. How old is the child? Has the "legal" dad been there full time, from day one, caring and nuturing this child and providing for it'... Read More »

Your ex husband has not seen your children in 2 years and lives in the next town can you have his visitation rights taken away?

Answer Most likely if he is not making any effort to see them,, then I don't see why not! Check into that tho! Answer You can, but you'll need a court order to do so and be able to prove a reason... Read More »

Can a non-custodial parent with visitation move to another state and still have visitation rights?

Yes. In most jurisdictions, a move out of state by either parent is sufficient cause to re-assess a child's access schedule. The new schedule will take into account the best interests of the child,... Read More »