How do you take a screen shot of what's on my screen without a camera?

Answer Well, after you press it open up something like Paint and Ctrl+V (paste) it.

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How do you take a screen snap shot of whats on your monitor?

there is a button on your keyboard that says print screen sysRq press that it is near the top and then you open like word or some program liek that and you right click and hit paste

How to Take a Screen Shot Without MS Paint?

Microsoft Paint, also called MS Paint, is the default image editing program for any computer running the Windows Operating System. Unfortunately, this free piece of default software lacks the advan... Read More »

How to Take Screen Shot or Print Screen on a Mac Using Grab?

The icon for Grab, a program for Mac that allows you to take screen shotsPCs have a lovely little button in the corner of the keyboard that lets you take instant shots of your screen, but Macs don'... Read More »

How do I take a screen shot (image of what's on screen) on a PC?

Click the Alt button, and while it's clicked, also press the "Print Scrn." Then, open your word processor, email or any other place you want to put it and select Paste. If the Alt button doesn't w... Read More »