How do you take a screen capture on your computer?

Answer On Windows:press the printscreen button (the key is labelled PrtScn), usually next to the Scroll lock keyOn Mac:Apple-Shift-3 does screen captureApple-Shift-4 does partial screen capture (gives you... Read More »

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How to Use Fraps to Take a Screen Capture?

This is a tutorial on creating in game screen captures from a video game or video being played on a PC.

Can you take a screen capture on Android phones?

ImproveIf you for sure have an Android phone what you have to do is go to the market and search, "screenshot". Any of the apps are great to use as I have tried all the free ones. It might say that ... Read More »

How to Take a Screen Capture of Windows Media Video?

If you want to capture a moment in a video that you are watching or demonstrate step-by-step how to use Windows Media Player, you can take a screen shot of the program. A screen shot can be saved b... Read More »

Take a video of your computer screen?

yes indeed. Use Cam Studio. It's free you can even save your video in different formats. The download button is under the section that reads "Useful Links".I hope this helps Read More »