How do you take a picture of the screen?

Answer LOL that no one knows how to do this!You have to hold down Alt and THEN press Prnt Scrn. If you want to email this to someone just open a new email then select Paste. If you want to crop and resi... Read More »

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How do i copy a picture of the net and make it the picture on my screen?

All the above answers are correct, but if you want to capture just part of a screen or a moving picture then download this little gem. The introduction looks complicated, but believe me it is very ... Read More »

Print Screen button takes a picture of the screen?

Yes then open paint and paste it there, then save it.

Do I infringe any copyright if I freeze frame Darcy Bussel dancing Elite Syncopations on my TV screen and photograph the screen and paint a picture to sell from the photographed image?

Not that I am aware of, as the image you have created is unique, as it is a painting, the resemblance will be noticable but cannot be 'exact'. To be honest I would'nt worry too much.

How do you take a picture of the screen on a mac?

Command-Shift-3 shortcut takes a screen capture of your entire screen. Command-Shift-4 gives you a crosshair cursor so you can choose which area of the screen you want to capture. Control-Command-... Read More »