How do you take a picture of the computer screen?

Answer if you have the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.ThenGo to Start -> Run and type in MSPAINTClick OK.Go to EDIT->Paste

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How can I take a picture of my computer screen?

Press the print screen keyOpen up paint and press control and V at the same time to open the image.

How do you take a picture of everything on your computer screen?

1- printscreen2- open MS paint3- edit > paste

If you take a picture of a computer screen, why does it look weird?

It doesn't look weird if you know what you're doing ;-)Essentially, a TV screen doesn't display a steady image - dpending on the type of screen and the source (TV, DVD, bluray, game,...) it will di... Read More »

How do you take a picture of your screen with your computer?

on your keyboard, there should be a key called print screen or PrtScr. press this when you want to take the picture. now open up paint start>accessories>paint and press edit>paste. the screenshot y... Read More »