How do you take a picture of the computer screen?

Answer if you have the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.ThenGo to Start -> Run and type in MSPAINTClick OK.Go to EDIT->Paste

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How can I take a picture of my computer screen?

Press the print screen keyOpen up paint and press control and V at the same time to open the image.

How do you take a picture of everything on your computer screen?

1- printscreen2- open MS paint3- edit > paste

How do you take a picture of your screen with your computer?

on your keyboard, there should be a key called print screen or PrtScr. press this when you want to take the picture. now open up paint start>accessories>paint and press edit>paste. the screenshot y... Read More »

How do I Invert the Picture on a LCD Screen for a Computer?

Inverting the image on an LCD computer monitor means that you're taking the standard image being displayed and "flipping" it horizontally. What was previously on the left side of the monitor will b... Read More »