How do you take a picture of a dog that doesn't want to look at the camera?

Answer turn it off flash so it doesn't burn their eyes, hold up a treat,call their name, and take the picture One way I've found with pets (cats especially, but it works fairly well with dogs too) is to w... Read More »

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How Do I make a good movie trailer that doesnt look like did it with a regular camera?

First thing is to create a second sound track, then when you edit it you can add it and remove the one taken by your camera. create a story board, put your video into pictures to tell the story. ev... Read More »

Where can I get a camera that can take digital picture and videos?

I really like my Canon 550D. It's called the Canon Rebel T2i in the US. It has an 18 mega pixel sensor and takes great photos. It also has 1080 HD video, with a choice of frame rates. The video qua... Read More »

I have a canon ae-1 camera that wont take a picture, it blinks a red light?

To find the instruction manual:on Yahoo or Google use search with keywords "canon AE-1 manual"You can download and read the manual to figure out the controls.Set the ISO for the film that you are u... Read More »

Why doesnt my camera take pictures?