How do you take a cutting from a umberella tree?

Answer Our plant book says to cut at an angle and put it in water till it roots. Then plant.

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How do I take a cutting from a peach tree?

Select a shoot from a healthy branch. The shoot should have leaves and buds on it. Cut a 6- to 12-inch piece off the tip of the shoot. Remove most of the leaves, but leave three to five at the top ... Read More »

How do I take a cedar tree cutting?

Take CuttingCut a 6- to 8-inch semi-hardwood stem from the cedar tree in late summer. Semi-hardwood stems are current year growth that is mature with full sized leaves. Remove the leaves from the b... Read More »

How Long Will it Take a Fig Tree Cutting to Bear Fruit?

Homeowners appreciate fig trees for their attractive form, the deep shade they offer in summer, and their succulent fruit. The ease with which figs propagate from cuttings adds to their appeal as a... Read More »

Can I start a new rose tree from a cutting?

You can start a new rose bush from a cutting. The technique works with old or new roses including hybrids or old-fashioned heirloom varieties, tea roses or shrub roses. This allows you to grow rose... Read More »