How do you take a cutting from a umberella tree?

Answer Our plant book says to cut at an angle and put it in water till it roots. Then plant.

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Is there a way to tell how old a tree is without cutting it down?

If you are looking for an exact age, then it is a matter of taking a core sample out of the tree.An arborist should be able to do this for you.The damage to the tree is minimal, and when done prope... Read More »

How do I take a cutting from a peach tree?

Select a shoot from a healthy branch. The shoot should have leaves and buds on it. Cut a 6- to 12-inch piece off the tip of the shoot. Remove most of the leaves, but leave three to five at the top ... Read More »

How can I kill a big tree without cutting it?

drill big holes in it angeling down. then pour weed killer down the holes.

How do I take a cedar tree cutting?

Take CuttingCut a 6- to 8-inch semi-hardwood stem from the cedar tree in late summer. Semi-hardwood stems are current year growth that is mature with full sized leaves. Remove the leaves from the b... Read More »