How do you take Dexatrim?

Answer Like any type of medication that you take you need to be careful to consider key factors when taking Dexatrim. Think about your weight loss goals when considering Dexatrim and consider speaking wit... Read More »

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Can teens take Dexatrim?

On One Hand: Generally SafeDexatrim is a weight loss supplement containing vitamins, green tea and oolong tea extracts, and Asian ginseng. All these substances are recognized as generally safe and ... Read More »

Is dexatrim dangerous?

On One Hand: Marketed as claims that Dexatrim is marketed as a safe and effective diet pill. In addition to this, they state that Dexatrim contains other vitamins and minerals... Read More »

Is dexatrim safe?

On One Hand: Generally SafeDexatrim is a dietary supplement intended as a weight loss remedy and appetite suppressant. It is composed primarily of vitamins and nutrients, as well as ginseng and a "... Read More »

Taking dexatrim at 15?

We cannot examine you, so it is best if you pose this question to your doctor on your next visit.I can tell you that losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is much better if it is accomplis... Read More »