How do you 'tag' someone in a facebook post?

Answer you apparently put an @ symbol before whatever it is you are tagging and a drop down box comes up to match what you type.

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How do you post someone who you have subscribed to on facebook?

You can show advertisement to others in a page only if the admin allow it to public.

I can post pictures on to facebook , but when i try to post a home video to facebook it wont work?

explain need 2 go in depth with your question or no one can actually give you an answer 2 your question!

What is it when someone post on Facebook "inbox me a number for fate or pass"?

its basically, um youre asking them if they would date you or not like fate= date pass= no thank like, you inbox them a number representing you and so with that number, that person makes a s... Read More »

Is it illegal to post a picure of someone on MY facebook album page without their permission?

it is illegal if the person who you have phtographed is under teh age of 16 it is also illegal if you are using the picture to make money or advertismentand it is also illegal if they ask for it to... Read More »