How do you 'tag' someone in a facebook post?

Answer you apparently put an @ symbol before whatever it is you are tagging and a drop down box comes up to match what you type.

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I can post pictures on to facebook , but when i try to post a home video to facebook it wont work?

explain need 2 go in depth with your question or no one can actually give you an answer 2 your question!

Can i post pics on instagram and have automatically post on my Facebook?

You can post them to both at the same time just by taking a pic then when it shows add a caption (after cropping and sizing) make sure the Facebook thing is checked and it should work. Hope this he... Read More »

Why is facebook marked as misspelled on facebook if you type it in a post?

Probably Something to Do With Spell Check may have Some Glitchs

Should i post this pic on facebook?

yeah its cute Brianna looks like my cousin and that's her name aswell