How do you tag or hyperlink a person in your facebook status?

Answer In the Status box, put in "@" then their name and a drop-down menu with names should appear - select the name and click it. This should insert the link.

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How to Make a Person's Name a Hyperlink in Facebook?

When you mention someone in a Facebook status, entering the name properly will create a link directly to that individual's Facebook page. Facebook emails an alert of the mention to your friend, tel... Read More »

How can i stop a person seeing status updates on facebook?

this is all in new facebook, don't know if its different in old facebook...go to privacy settingsthen profilethen there should be a drop down menu of status updatesclick on customizethen you can bl... Read More »

Can you share a persons status in a group,without having the person know you shared his/or hers status?

Yes if you look at all of facebook settings you can custom share each of your posts or all.. do a test using a fake account you added as a friend.

Facebook: ok so i accidently hit the show less status' button on one of my friends status', how do i fix it?

Go to the bottom of your home page and Click on News feed OptionsDelete that friend from the list of "less about these people"