How do i sync my xbox 360 controller with a new system?

Answer The XBox 360 game system features a number of improvements over its predecessor, including an updated controller design. Rather than relying on corded controllers, the XBox utilizes bluetooth techn... Read More »

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How to Sync the Rock Band Guitar Controller for Wii?

Like the other wireless peripherals for the Nintendo Wii, the Rock Band guitar needs to be synchronized in order for it to function properly. If you have multiple Rock Band guitars, they must be sy... Read More »

How one can become a civil licensed controller if one is already working as a military controller with Indian air force?

Give you conferences for references of micro controller based traffic density analyzer cum controller?

on the keybord push menu and connect buuton and wait ,, what remot do u have..??

You put an application on your itunes and tried to sync it in your iPhone 3G but it wont work an error pops up after trying to sync it?

Depending on the country that you are in, the amount that you will pay to upgrade your handset will vary. You will need to contact your service provider if you purchased or are purchasing the new i... Read More »