How do you sync LimeWire movies onto a ipod nano?

Answer you have to download the mp4 version of the movies, then iport it into itunes. then, just go to your ipod nano's movie tab, and sync it.

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You have an ipod 3rdG nano and an ipod shuffle how do you sync from the same itunes library?

Simple just plug them both into the same computer and click snyc

How do you sync LimeWire downloads to your ipod?

Well, Limewire frequently changes and has new ways. This is the quickest and easiest one but you must have the newest version of Limewire (not ITunes). It should be a picture of a superhero lime wh... Read More »

Can i use limewire to put ongs on my ipod nano?

YesHere is advice: You need to drag or copy your music files from the shared folder in Limewire to a separate folder in my music or wherever you store your music and then go into ITunes and click o... Read More »

I have a ipod video nano how do you sync it with iTunes?

on an ipod nano you just hook up itunes and it should pull up if your ipod is connected to the computer. if not go to "my computer" and it should be there and you can open it so it will work.