How do you stream videos from iphone?

Answer With itunes. Plug your iphone into iTunes and sync the songs in your itunes to your iphone.

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Can you stream videos from Netflix to a PS3?

It is possible to stream Netflix movies from your "Instant Queue" to your PlayStation 3. You must visit the Netflix website to sign up for the free instant streaming disc. It will be sent to your h... Read More »

How can I stream videos from my laptop to my television wirelessly?

Go to you local computer store, you will need some hardware, they will help you...

Stream music from Iphone to home theatre receiver?

Apple Airport Express will do it. It is $99 new and less when refurbished. Enjoy

How do you stream media on your iPhone from sites such as hulu and playlist?

From you or from the United States?I can get one for you...which one do you want?