How do you stream in netflix through a wi-fi or blue ray player to your tv?

Answer Kinect is only an add-on for the xbox 360 you need an xbox360 to use it and to awser your question no it cant beacause its only a motion sensor

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Why is your blue ray player that stream lines netflix seem to be streaming audio not video?

Can you stream netflix through your computer?

Netflix does offer many movies to view through the computer. If you have an unlimited plan, there is no additional monthly fee for this service and no limitation of how many of the available movie... Read More »

Will the Sony Blu-Ray player stream Netflix movies?

Sony manufactures its Blu-Ray players with the capability to stream Netflix movies. This service is available through the unit as long as the Blu-Ray device has a connection to the Internet.Referen... Read More »

How do you register your sony blue ray disc player on pandora and netflix?