How do you store phone numbers from iPhone to a PC?

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How do you store international numbers in your iPhone?

An international number should start with the plus sign, the country code, area code then phone number. For exa,ple a number in the UK in the international format would be: + 44 1565 543212. The pl... Read More »

How to Store Phone Numbers in an LG 600G TracFone?

When it comes to prepaid cell phone services, there are several options with different pay rates and minute bundles. TracFone is one service that's chosen because it provides a wide variety of phon... Read More »

How can I transfer phone numbers from iPhone 2G to iPhone 3G?

If you saved your contacts onto your computer just sync the contacts between your computer and your new phone. If the two iPhones have the same iTunes account, you can use iCloud to transfer phone ... Read More »

Is the iphone 4 just the same as the ipod touch except that it has a phone and camera and On the iphone 4 can you go on the app store and itunes and is the phone also an ipod?

Yes you can do all that I'm pretty sure I'm positive it has all that actually or it wouldn't be an iPhone if it didn't