How do you store duck meat in fridge?

Answer You store Duck meat in duck fat

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Where is the best place in the fridge to store cooked meat?

Cooked meat should be stored in the upper part of the fridge where it is colder.

Is duck a red meat?

No, it is white meat.Don't believe the myths about 2 legs or 4 legs.A little bit truth in the color thing, but more to do with fats.Crocodile meat is white meat.Salmon is reddish (orange) but it is... Read More »

How long can a duck breast stay in fridge before spoiling?

I dry age beef steaks, venison steaks and duck breasts before roasting or cooking at fairly high temperature in a large, well seasoned cast iron skillet on top of the stove in butter, olive oil mi... Read More »

How to Clean Duck Meat?

Commercially-raised ducks are increasingly common in supermarkets as home cooks become more interested in unusual and ethnic dishes. These birds are different from their wild cousins. Ducks shot as... Read More »