How do you store digital pictures on the computer?

Answer If they are already in the computer, go to the top left hand corner and click 'file' then click 'save as' and save it to a folder in the computer's system.

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Digital camera samsung L200 and you lost the CD software to download your pictures to the computer can someone help you to find any website or store where you can find it?

I lost my CD to my Samsung L200 And I really need to upload my pictures. please help

How many pictures can store in 4GB SD card in digital camera?

Depends on what your wanting, if you want something more video based, you'll probably want the D5000. But, if you want something more photography based, you more likely to want the D3100. I'm going... Read More »

Ok so i have pictures on my computer that i want to go get printed at a store, how would i do that?

I always get them printed at Walgreens. I put the pictures on a USB drive which I then just plug into their computer. Usually, I get my prints after one hour. However, be careful: The computers at ... Read More »

How does a computer store pictures in a computers memory?

it scans a image by byte by byte in each pixel and stores it in a memory