How do you stop your toddler from drinking baby bottles?

Answer You cannot stop him drinking them all at once. You should reduce the number gradually each week and introduce him to new foods.

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How to Stop a Toddler From Hunching?

A lifetime of slouching, hunching and having generally poor posture will lead to several health issues, including bone spurs, back issues, pain and disc damage, according to the Cascade Wellness Ce... Read More »

You are 16 can your parents stop you from placing your baby up for adoption?

How do you stop your baby from crying?

AnswerAs long as your baby doesn't have a fever try the good old rocking chair. Babies generally loved to be held close and rocked. I've heard that some parents have had to take their baby for a dr... Read More »

How to Stop a Toddler From Sucking on Clothing?

Sucking on clothing is a habit a toddler forms as a baby. Sucking is what toddlers uses to sooth or calm themselves. Most toddlers stop on their own, usually before the age of 5. If this does not h... Read More »