How do you stop too many children being born?

Answer Just take birth control pills or kill the mother.

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How to Stop Children From Being Tardy?

Being fashionably late isn't acceptable at school. Some people are always on time for school or work. There are actually those who get to their destination earlier than they have to; and then there... Read More »

How do I stop pornographic pop-ups and websites from being viewed by my children?

Download the TAA Toolbar it worked for me and I had the same problem.

How many children are born every day?

A child is born every 8 seconds. If you calculate 8 seconds by how many seconds are in a day, you will get your answer!

How many children are born each day?

Answer This is way too early to go into labor as your baby is not yet ready to live in the outside world. Babies are not considered fully mature until at least 37 weeks, and even then some of them ... Read More »