How to Stop Throwing Tantrums?

Answer A lot a people develop tantrums when they are frustrated or angry, however there are many ways to stop throwing a tantrum

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My husband can't stop throwing up?

Its hard to say exactly what is wrong with him, but I feel that you should call his MD and update them and let them determine if he needs to be seen in the ER or if an office visit is ok. Now of c... Read More »

Hangover throwing up won't stop?

Alchohol poisening.Drink Powerade or Gatorade, NOT will put electrolytes back into your body that you lose when you become dehydrated.if you begin vomitting blood (will look like coffee gr... Read More »

How can you get your child to stop throwing fits?

A spank on the bottom, not giving into their demands, punishing them with a time out...

How can i stop my neighbour throwing cigarette ends in my garden?

Simply warn her that you will report her for littering. There is a fine for doing that everywhere. One fine should solve the problem. If you retaliate like a child, as the other's suggest, you will... Read More »