How do you stop temporary custody in NY?

Answer You attend the hearing and file your objections. The court will hear your testimony and then render s decision. You should be prepared to counter the reasons someone is requesting temporary custody... Read More »

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If you have temporary sole custody of your children can you and your children move in with your boyfriend while the case to decide permanent custody is pending?

Answer Yes, legally you may. Will the judge hearing the custody case look favorably upon such action is a bigger question.Speaking from professional experience, judges do not care for such arrange... Read More »

You have temporary sole custody of your children is there a good chance you will be awarded permanent sole custody?

Depends on the evidence. I teach fathers what to do. see links below

If your husband's ex wife wants to sign temporary rights of their kids to her parents shouldn't your husband gain the temporary custody before her parents?

Not in Texas. I have to make some assumptions here, always a bad idea, but it goes something like this: I assume that your husband and his ex-wife went to court at the break up of their marriage an... Read More »

How to Get Temporary Custody?

A number of reasons can lead an adult to apply for temporary custody of a minor child. Often this occurs when parents separate or file for divorce. Other times relatives or family friends may att... Read More »