How do you stop raccoon eating sweet corn?

Answer Put up a little fence around it or put up a motion detecter light if your growing them outside your house. If that doesnt work than yeah, shoot it.

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Can you use sweet corn to produce corn oil?

Generally, sweet corn production has been directed to specific markets. The demand has tended to be for sweet corn in the form of canned or frozen kernels; fresh corn-on-the-cob; or processed crunc... Read More »

How much water does sweet corn need?

Sweet corn needs 1 to 1 ½ inches of water per week or a water depth of 6 inches. Dig down near the plant to check water depth, or place a can near the plant to see if the plant is getting the prop... Read More »

How to Grow Sweet Corn?

Many people enjoy canned or frozen corn from the grocery store. However, the taste cannot compare to the freshness of growing your own sweet corn. Yellow sweet corn from your garden can be used imm... Read More »

When is sweet corn in season?

Sweet corn is in season between July 1 and the first frost, usually occurring in late September or early October. The time that sweet corn is most abundant is between July 20 and September 15.Refer... Read More »