How do you stop pain from Spacers in you teeth!!?

Answer I've had my braces for 10 months and I remember getting the spacer bands!They were the most painful thing about it allBut when I got my actual braces fitted they didn't hurt half as much as the spa... Read More »

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When can I expect the pain from a wisdom teeth extraction to stop?

I would suggest you call your dentist tomorrow and ask the question. I would think that it would be alright for you to begin practicing again on Monday without any problem. By now the blood in the ... Read More »

How to Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain?

Many people in this world suffer needlessly because of pain from sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are usually caused by worn tooth enamel, from acidic food and drink, tooth-grinding, and overly vig... Read More »

Is it noraml that your spacers feel like there going to fall out from between your teeth?

yeah. JUST DONT TOUCH THEM!!! i messed with my and they popped out early and i had to get it redone.

My spacers for my teeth fell out.?

If they fell out after 3+ days, then your teeth probably made enough space for the spacers to fall out. You should be ok by Monday, even if the space partially closed. They only need a little room ... Read More »