How do you stop looking at your older brothers things in the bedroom?

Answer You get more opportunities when your an only child :) my opinion doesn't mean it's a 100 % true

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What are some good things to hang on my wall for a country girl looking bedroom?

.............." save a horse , ride a cowboy ! " also , listen to this . you should be able to find some good sayings for yourself in the lyrics of this song .

Which siblings are usually nicer younger sisters younger brothers older brothers or older sisters?

There is no way to answer this as there is no generalizing siblings and the way they treat one another. Each individual and their situations are different. Older siblings will respect and be kind ... Read More »

When your kid(s), get older, what is the one thing/things he/she could do to break your heart?

To break my heart?Give up and settle.Not finish their education.I.V. and other hard drug using.Sex Industry.A Stepford Wife.An Abused Wife.Have a child before they are ready to.My girls are 16 (nex... Read More »

Fun things to do with your older brother?

Before anyone ruins this question - it depends on his interests. Sports, video games, nature hikes, laser tag, hitting the beach, and so on.